Isla Taboga, our first island in the Pacific.

Sunday, March 14th, we are anchored in Balboa yacht club and decide to go with the watertaxi to land with Jacques and Annet who are taking a taxi to go to Panama city. We need to find an ATM machine since we have no USD left and check the price of the diesel for the boat. We were walking  in the direction of the centre of Balboa in some run down neighbourhood when a woman told us we should not walk there without security. She went to get two policemen to go with us to the nearest ATM machine. The police called a police car and after 5 minutes we were taken by the police car to the nearest ATM. 🙂

Going in the police car.
Now Stefan has to get in….

They wanted to take us back to the marina but we politely declined and walked back along the main road. We got diesel at 1.74USD for a gallon and left for Isla Taboga, which is about 2 hours of motoring, there was no wind and we were still in the canal.

Leaving Panama city behind.
Lange Wapper, a Belgian dredging ship is passing us on port side.
We arrive at Isla Taboga at 4.15 PM. We see lots of seagulls, pelicans and boobies all diving in the water to get some fish.
A lot more seagulls on the Pacific side…
Sanuk is the 3rd boat from the left.
Flipper moored at the floating dock with his new blue jacket.
Arriving on Isla Taboga.
View from the church on the centre plaza.
A black vulture on one of the rooftops.
Iglesia San Pedro was built in 1550 and apparently the second oldest church in the western hemisphere.
Stefan at the altar while 3 people were praying out loud.
The pelicans were everywhere.
View on Panama Bay from the top of Taboga island (370 M). A walk of an hour which we did in 40 minutes because it was getting dark.

A colibri taking a rest on our boat.