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Getting Sanuk ready for a wintersleep in paradise.

Belgium: It is sunday, January 8th, it is a foggy and cold morning while I am looking at the last pictures we took in Apataki…

November 12 2016: Apataki

Picture taken from our last anchorage in Apataki, november 2016.
One last time climbing in the mast…
Taking off the mainsail and all the halyards under clear blue skies.
Cleaning off the salt and the rust.
Almost ready to go on land… The exterior is ready.
Our last sunset on the water !
Sanuk being pulled out of the water on an adjustable hydraulic trailer. Alfred is driving the tractor while Pauline (his wife) is making sure everything is going well. Tony is underneath the boat adjusting the pads.
Slowly but surely…
Almost there… Tony and a helper are adjusting the metal plates for the trailer wheels.
Finally on the hard…
Sanuk on the hard ! We were lucky she was taken out of the water early in the morning on the 10th of November because afterwards the wind picked up and changed direction making it impossible to take out another boat that day and the day after!

We take the three days that we are on the hard in the carenage to thoroughly clean the boat on the inside. All the walls get a bleach solution treatment to prevent mold from growing. All lockers get emptied, cleaned and refilled.

While I was cleaning I found a little gecko on board ! They are good to have on board because they eat insects. I wonder if he will be still there when we return.

After 3 days on the hard, cleaning and preparing the boat for the 6 months on land, we were ready to fly to Papeete. It was a gorgeous sunday morning ! No wind, blue skies, the water was like a mirror…

The boat on the right will take us to the airport of Apataki.
The day we left, the sea was like a huge swimming pool.
“mamie” gave us each a flower wreath before we left. We will be back the end of April.
Stefan is ready to leave.
The sign for the boatyard in Apataki town…


Ready to leave for Papeete in the 16 seater.
View out of the plane, flying over the atoll of Rangiroa. To the left the ocean, on the right the lagoon.


Flight Papeete -> Los Angelos -> New York

After a couple days in Papeete we left for New York to visit with our daughter Meliena (living in Boston). Stefan and I spent a beautiful day at the “9-11 Memorial” in New York City. A total difference from the gorgeous nature in French Polynesia but we enjoyed the City for the day!

The National September 11 memorial and museum is a tribute to the 3000 victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Part of the antenna which stood on top of the twin towers.
The foundation of one of the old towers.
Billboard: Curious what 2017 will bring for the world order with the new leader in place. They both seem to have their doubts.