Casco Viejo, Panama city

Tuesday, March 8th 2016 to March 10th we decided to pay a quick visit to Panama city. We really did not expect too much of it being such a big city but we were positively surprised ! We spent most of the time in Casco Viejo. They are working hard to renovate the beautiful old buildings. We think that 5 years from now this will have the same charm as Cartagena, maybe even nicer, if they take the right decisions. Our hotel was located at the Cinta Costera (coastal belt) which is a new green space where you can walk or bycicle from downtown to Casco Viejo. Panama City was founded in 1519 but the city was destroyed in 1671 by the English pirate Henry Morgan.Three years later the city was reestablished 8km southwest now known as Casco Viejo.

Fishing boats in front of the new Panama City, skyscrapers.
Panama flag in the fishing marina.
Typical street view in Casco Viejo.
Many beautiful buildings on little plazas.
Colonial architecture in Casco Viejo.


The cinta costera which goes from downtown all the way into Casco Viejo.
Panama City skyline taken from Cinta Costera.
Iglesia de San Jose, this church protects the famous Altar de Oro the only relic saved after Henry Morgan destroyed the city. The priest had painted the altar in black in order to save it from the pirates.
Not all houses are renovated yet.
Little by little all houses are renovated to their original splendour.
Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion built between 1619 and 1626 is the best preserved building.They were setting up panels to start renovation on the catedral.
Selfie with Panama City skyline.
On one of the passes of the Cinta Costera after a nice dinner in downtown.


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