Tyrell Bay, Cariacou

Tuesday, September 22nd, Stefan takes down the main sail early in the morning so the sun will not get to him and brings it to Andy from the ‘Stiches’ shop. He needs to reinforce the sail at a couple places, nothing urgent but we have the time now. We cleaned the boat, did some more organizing and rewarded ourselves for dinner at ‘Slipway’ restaurant. We both had cocktails for starters, a roasted chicken for Stefan and a grilled lobstertail for myself. The food was delicious!

Wednesday, September 23th, a relaxed day with a visit to the mangroves nearby.

Mangrove at Carriacou

IMG_7109 IMG_7104

Thursday, September 24th, Stefan spent most of the day with Andy, helping out with the sail and his computer. I relaxed, finished my book, ( Line of Beauty from Alan Hollinghurst, I can recommend it) and did some snorkeling and swimming. Around 5PM Stefan arrived with the sail fixed ! Finally we can leave tomorrow.

Friday, September 25h, we get up early, do some foodshopping and get fuel. I was nervous to go to the fuel dock but everything went perfect! Stefan did a good job :-). We sailed to Anse La Roche only about an hour easy sailing and anchored there. We did not have a good night because we were anchored too close to the other boat who was there before us :-(. This will not happen again !

Buying vegetables and fruit at Denise’s place.
The best spot while sailing – for now…

Saturday, September 26th, we re-anchored twice and finally were the only ones in the bay by 10AM ! Fishermen came by to sell lobster so we got 3 lobsters for 40EC. In the late afternoon we did a nice hike leaving from the bay for about an hour, the heat was not too bad. We had to be back in time because we had invited our neighbour catamaran from Australia for sundowners (drink at sundown) but when we arrived at the boat, they told us we had to go to them….They had a 62ft catamaran (More Amore) – soooo nice. I think I know what we will do once we retire :-). They had friends from Canada aboard. The lobsters were grilled on the barbecue with garlic and butter and there was wine. To end the day we watched a piece of the movie Scarface with Al Pacino (old but good) but we both fell asleep….just too tired after a full day, or is it age ?

Sunday, September 27th, we tried out the ISUP (stand up peddle board), not so easy but after awhile I got it. Good for ‘core’ training ! We made a flag of St.Vincent and the Grenadines (we did not have one) from a white cloth and crayolas. We were lucky it was not a difficult flag. 🙂


We left the little bay early afternoon and sailed to Union Island. After 2hours of sailing we found a nice spot to anchor at Frigate Island only Stefan and I disagreed on how low the depth could be under the keel…We anchored in the sand with about 1.3m under the keel… When we checked on the anchor we saw next the anchor tens of beautiful starfish.

Monday, September 28th, we got up early to go to customs at Clifton on Union Island. We motored with flipper and had our bicycles with us. Apparently we had to go to the airport and get cleared in there. We filled out the papers but when asked for the document that showed we had left Grenada we had to admit we did not have it. Since we bought the boat in Grenada it was checked in under the name of Steve and Tracy and thus they could not check us in at St.Vincent without us first checking out there. So we had to return back to Carriacou…We quickly did some food shopping before we left and snorkeling. We arrived at Hillsborough at 4.35PM and anchored at a nice distance from the other boats :-).


2 thoughts on “Tyrell Bay, Cariacou

  1. Hallo Ilse en Stefan… wat een avontuur. Ik volg zeker jullie blog…. leuk om te lezen.
    Jullie zien er fantastisch uit ! Enjoy and be careful!!
    groetjes Karine & Didier

    1. Dag Karine, leuk om te lezen dat jullie de blog volgen. We genieten 🙂 en doen ons best voorzichtig te zijn.
      Liefs, Ilse en Stefan

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