“C’est un bijou”

April 15th, Auckland, Burnie is sold to a young french couple who are travelling for 2 months in NZ as part of their 1 year sabbatical. We hope they have as much fun as we did. We rented a little van for the remaining 6 days we are here to travel a bit on the north island.

After the glaciers (Franz Josef and Fox) we drove Burnie to Wanaka over the pass

The start of our Rob Roy Valley walk, not so good weather but at least no rain. Mount Aspiring National Park is also part of the UNESCO heritage.
Rob Roy Glacier with lots of clouds.
We reached the lookout point after a 2,5 hour climb.
More blue from glacial water.
The NZ scaup or black teal. They are endemic to NZ. The maori name is papango
On our way to Glenorchy we met some young french people and they were also impressed by the nature, “c’est un bijou”, she said. We could not agree more.
The scenic road to Glenorchy next to Lake Wakatipu.
Relaxing and playing with the drone at a DOC campsite before walking part of the Routeburn track (one of the Great Walks) the day after.
Diamond lake, a 30min walk from the campsite.
NZ falcon is endemic to NZ, can fly at speeds over 100km/h and catch a prey larger than itself. They are protected. This one was hiding in the trees next to our campsite.
The NZ robin, Stefan’s favourite bird.
Another suspension bridge to start out the Routeburn track over the Routeburn river. The track is 32KM long and there are 4 huts along the way. You can do the whole track in 2-4 days. We walked till the second hut, Routeburn Falls Hut, and then returned. It was a 6 hour beautiful walk but we were both happy when we reached the parking lot with Burnie.
The whole track overlaps two national parks : Mount Aspiring National Park and Fiordland.
View of the Routeburn river and the mountains Mt.Somnus (2293m)and Mt.Momus (2148m). I could not stop looking at this unbelievable scenery. Nature can really make me feel so happy!
After all that walking it was time for a relaxing day near Lake Te Anau, the largest glacial lake of the South Island and on our way to Fiordland. A picknick with apple cider, crackers and smoked NZ salmon, fresh homemade guacamole and corn chips. Life is wonderful!
It s a 2hr drive from Te Anau to Milford Sound along a scenic route. Eglinton Valley is the first stop.
The clouds were setting in slowly….
Hollyford valley. In the distance the road we had to conquer with Burnie :-).

Luckily we have made reservations at the Milford Sound Lodge since it was fully booked when we got there and it is the only campsite at Milford Sound.

In the next blog Milford Sound and our travels beyond.


9 thoughts on ““C’est un bijou”

  1. Jealous you got to see all the amazing corners of New Zealand I never got to see but so proud you are my parents and I 100% know where my sense of adventure came from ❤️❤️

    1. Like they say here, no worries ! You still have a lot of time to explore !:-))

  2. Toch ook even vermelden dat jullie top foto’s maken.
    Mooie kadrering, belichting…Genieten!

  3. Wauw, prachtige natuurbeelden daar! De afwisseling tussen bij momenten zelf fysiek diep gaan en de beloning in de schoonheid van de uitzichten lijkt me heerlijk.

    1. Inderdaad July, het is altijd leuk thuiskomen na een dag stappen, maar de volgende dag of de dag erna zijn we weer paraat om erop uit te trekken want de fauna en flora blijven ons verbazen. NZ heeft een zeer gevarieerd aanbod in huis! Onze doelen van de stappenteller (10.000 stappen en 50 verdiepen) halen we moeiteloos op een gemiddelde wandeling.

  4. Geen andere woorden voor, Ilse echt super enorm prachtige foto’s!!! Doe zo voort dan kunnen wij met jullie ook toch maar een klein beetje meegenieten.

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