Leaving the Tuamotus for the Society islands

Today, October 24th 2016, we are in Bora Bora, our last night with our friends Katie and Karel. They are flying back to a cold and rainy Belgium tomorrow. We will be sailing back to Tahiti for a stop of 4-5 days and then on to Apataki to leave the boat for the cyclone season.


I cannot believe the months of september and october went by so fast! We left Apataki (Tuamotus) in august to meet with our friends, Marine and Simon-Pierre (Jambote) on the atoll Ahe. We only stayed there 4 days but it was gorgeous! We decided to go back next year when we pick up the boat and we will follow a course to get our diving certificate.

Manta ray looking for plankton around our boat in Apataki.
A lemon shark in the clear waters of Apataki.
Stefan having fun in the clear waters of Apataki.
Beautiful sea life in Apataki.
View from our mooring in Ahe.
Walking around Ahe, can it get more tropical…?

While in Ahe we found a place where they produced monoi oil the artisanal way. No chemicals or machines involved. I bought 2 bottles of 0,5l for 10USD each where in the stores you pay easily 8USD for half the quantity. It was nice to support the local economy this way.

Drying tiare (Tahitian Gardenia)flowers to add to monoi oil.
Drying coconut to produce the monoi oil.
Mixture of coconut, tiare flower and intestines of the bernard-hermit crab. The latter is frequently added by the mamas to the mixture of tiare and grated coconut to accelerate the separating of the oil.
During our saling trip to Tahiti Stefan caught a Wahoo with his self-fabricated lure from a cap of a plastic bottle and a chips bag! So happy it was not another tuna!! The fish was delicious.

We are happy we will be coming back to this beautiful atoll in may-june 2017 and be able to spend more days here before we leave French Polynesia.

2 thoughts on “Leaving the Tuamotus for the Society islands

  1. Prachtige foto’s Ilse, veel idyllischer kan het niet worden….

  2. Velen willen dat ooit in hun leven eens doen maar er is altijd een reden om dat niet te doen… Geniet er nog van want wat jullie nu beleven is ongelooflijk. Ik lees telkens met veel plezier jullie verhalen

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