The border with Panama

We are today monday, March 7th, we are still in Shelter Bay Marina, Panama and it is steaming hot with a humidity of 87 % ! Stefan is working on the motors with a technician so we can solve the problem of the overheating of the starboard engine. In the mean time we have also received our transit date for the Panama canal being March 12th and 13th. I am already nervous . Good thing we are going to visit Panama city tomorrow till thursday so I can keep myself busy with fun things.

Back to February 7th when we arrived in Sapzurro. We slept till noon and decided to take Flipper out for a visit of the little town. The skies were grey and there was a lot of trash being washed up on the shore. Where was this paradise town everybody was talking about? We took a walk along the beach to the little town but were not impressed. We did not think this was a charming little town.

We did take a nice walk to Capurgana, neighbouring town, about 1 hour. We even found a restaurant with internet for an hour :-).

Flora on our walk.
Definitely tropical forest.
Capurgana all the way in the back. Still grey skies…

Stefan in Capurgana.
Streets in Capurgana.
Walk in Capurgana after some rain.
Lots of backpackers arrive in Capurgana to go diving and hiking.

We stayed in Sapzurro till thursday February 11th waiting for better weather and less waves but this did not happen. So we left with grey skies and high waves for Puerto Perme, the first stop in Panama.