A walk in the park, was not really a “walk in the park”.

December 23th, we are just back from Cartagena de Indias and it is still sweltering hot ! Where is the wind they have promised  since sunday ? But first an update on our Tayrona National Park trip and the trek to Ciudad Perdida.

On tuesday december 8th we decided to go to Tayrona National Park, we would take a bus to Calabazzo and walk from there to Playa Brava, stay there for two nights and make some walks in the park. Only, december 8th is a national holiday in Colombia, Dia de las velitas, and thus no bus ! We took a taxi, but the taxi driver was not sure were to drop us off. After some asking around he did get it right and by noon we were at our starting point in Calabazzo. We had a quick lunch, soup and fried fish for 8000 COP ( about 2.50USD) and started our walk to Playa Brava for about 6.7KM.

We are definitely on the right track !

We soon found out that this was not a “piece of cake”. The terrain was not easy, the heat was hitting us hard and the backpack was heavy….We walked till 5.15PM to get to the sea.

Too bad he passed us in the beginning, I was still fit and did not need a seat to go up….
A nice trail going up.
Luckily the trees protected us from the sun.
We did not see a lot of flowers but once in awhile…. a beauty
Flora in Tayrona Park.
Fungus in the woods of Tayrona Park.
Finally after a 5 hour walk we could see the sea ! All downhill from here ! 🙂
The beach at Playa Brava.
The huts at Playa Brava.
View from our cabana.

All the way to Playa Brava I had been looking forward to swim in the sea and cool off but when we got there there was a big sign saying we could not swim because it was  too dangerous because of the strong currents ! 🙁 We did go in the water to cool off our bodies and indeed it was difficult to just stand in the water with the strong undertow.

Our private cabana. Shower and toilet on the first floor.
And our bed…..

The next morning, december 9th,we changed our minds and did not stay another night at Playa Brava, but left for Pueblito. It was a hike of about 3 hours – and from Pueblito back to Calabazzo was another 2 hours but at least not a lot of climbing. We had just convinced the lady from the little “Tienda” to take our credit card for a coke and tonic and give us cash back so we could pay the bus….no banks in the town of Calabazzo, as the bus arrived and we could hop on for 5000 COP each. (not even 2 USD)! Happy to be back at the boat and take a cold shower one hour later ! Time to make plans to go to Ciudad Perdida . 🙂

Hut of the Koguis, the indigenous people of the Tayrona region