El Libertador Simon Bolivar

December 11th, blue skies, 30 degrees celsius, just a tiny breeze. I spent my day cleaning and washing 🙁 Stefan spent his day adding two engine hour meters because the ones from Yanmar motor do not work any more (known problem). It is not always fun in paradise 🙂 It is nice to be in the marina and have all the water and electricity available !

We are enjoying life in Colombia ! The people are so nice, we are learning everyday more spanish and the weather is incredible, we have not had a drop of rain since we are in the marina! We are not in the mood for Christmas although there are christmas decorations and parties everywhere.

Lighted christmas trees in Santa Marta.
Parque Simon Bolivar in Santa Marta.

Sunday, December 6th, we visited the Quinta San Pedro Alejandrino about 4 KM from the centre of Santa Marta. This was the last resting place of Simon Bolivar, the Great liberator for Colombia ! He died here on December 17 in 1830 from tuberculosis.

The bed in which Simon Bolivar died from tuberculosis in 1830, covered with the Colombian flag.
The hacienda where Simon Bolivar spent his last days.
The old buildings from the hacienda
The monument for Simon Bolivar.
The garden of the quinta.
Inside of the monument for Simon Bolivar.

In the park, the great Kiskadee is thirsty.
The great Kiskadee is posing for the picture.
The yellow-headed Caracara in the Jardin Botanico of the quinta.

We have been exploring Santa Marta at a leisurely pace, drinking a coffee on the plaza Santander, walking and bicycling around the many streets.

Street in Santa Marta at noon.


Street in old Santa Marta.


Carrera 5 in Santa Marta is definitely the busiest street.
Carrera 5 in Santa Marta, with a bus forcing it’s way through the shopping crowds.

There are many fruit and vegetables stands on the street.

The avocados are incredible ! We eat one almost everyday.

We visited the Museo de oro and the cathedral of Santa Marta.

The oldest church in Spanish America and the first tomb of the Liberator, Simon Bolivar. His remains were later sent to Caracas Venezuela where he was born. The cathedral was built in 1766 and took 30 years to finish.

In the coming days more updates on our visit to Tayrona National Park and the trek to the Ciudad Perdida.


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  1. Ilse je ziet er fantastisch uit! Zoals de foto’s. Geniet ervan, hier vies weer…

  2. Mooie stad en omgeving zeg. Ik wist niet dat Bolivar daar in Santa Marta Marina was gestorven. Je blog was voor mij aanleiding om weer wat geschiedenis van Latijns Amerika op te zoeken. Groetjes.

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