Hiking on Saint Vincent

Wednesday, October 21st, we have just arrived in Blue Lagoon Bay on St.Vincent and we have internet on the boat ! What a treat ! We are not anchored but moored on a buoy because apparently the holding is not good here, too many stones and not enough sand. Although Stefan still wanted to anchor I insisted on the mooring because of the good night sleep, there were too many other boats around us moored on a buoy. We motored all the way from Cumberland Bay to here because there was just no wind. Good for the batteries and the watermaker but not something you want to do a lot. We did take some time to do a MOB (Man Over Board) excercise and found out we definitely need some more practice on this! This is scheduled for the next week.

We left Bequia (pronounced Bekway) on October 17th to sail to Cumberland Bay on Saint Vincent.

Port Elizabeth in Bequia
Church in Bequia.
Street in Port Elizabeth
Church in Port Elizabeth.
Small grocery store on our way to Friendship bay. We stopped for a cold drink.
Stefan changing the oil.

Stefan had changed the oil of one of the motors the day before. I must say he keeps surprising me :-). We had smooth sailing for about 3 hours and then we needed the help from the motor to get to our destination. We were surprised of the untouched nature in St.Vincent. So beautiful and green. No white sandy beaches in St.Vincent since this is a vulcanic island the sand is black at the beach. We were especially looking forward to the hiking on the island. When we arrived we immediately were helped to not only anchor(the bow) but also have the stern of the boat tied to a palm tree. The boat did not move 🙂 ! There were only two other boats in the bay. No internet except at the one restaurant open. There were several vendors of fish, souvenirs and fruit. We got lucky with the fruitman since he had fresh guava and passion fruit. Yummy !

October 18th, sunday, we were going for a small hike but ended up walking for 3,5 hours! The sun was hot but luckily there were some parts in the woods. We went through the village into the woods and had a feast on the mangos hanging there for the taking.

Stefan eating mango number 3…

The tropical forest was really beautiful, we saw only one other person who told us the road back to Cumberland Bay would take “hours”. We decided to do the full loop anyway instead of turning back…We arrived back at the boat at 4PM so not too bad. Apparently we did miss all the marijuana (it is called Ganja here)plantations during our walk. I read later that St.Vincent has the second highest production of marijuana in the Caribbean. Jamaica is number one. It is illegal to plant marijuana but the government is not doing a lot against it (elections are coming up). One pound costs about 500EC dollars in St. Vincent.

Cumberland Bay with Sanuk all the way to the right.

October 19th, we went to the bay next door, Wallilaboo with Flipper. This is the bay where they filmed the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, the Curse of the Black Pearl. Still today, we are about 10 years later, tourists come to see this bay for this reason.

walllilabou bay pirates of the carribean bay
Wallilaboo bay – luckily the pirates are gone 🙂
Wallilaboo bay on St.Vincent


We decided to hike into the town, apparently there was a waterfall. Whlie we were walking we heard the ice cream man and got an ice cream

Can you guess the taste on this one ?

Typical house along the side of the road.
This was the waterfall….
Me at the entrance of Wallilaboo bay.

October 20th, we decided to hike the vulcano La Soufriere today so we had to get up at 5AM as a taxi was picking us up at 6 AM with our guide, rasta Kenny. We would hike the more challenging route, from the beach up to the top, 1230 meter. More about this in my next blog update.


5 thoughts on “Hiking on Saint Vincent

  1. Ik heb wel honderd keer man over boord geoefend en dan pas besef je dat het niet zo simpel is als je dacht, wish you good luck on this. En verder: blijf vooral bloggen, je hebt geen idee hoe ik geniet van jullie avontuur. Zoen, Bie

    1. Bedankt Bie voor de aanmoediging !!! Het doet deugd te horen dat jullie meevolgen. We missen het thuisfront wel af en toe en dan is elk berichtje leuk om te krijgen. Liefs en warme knuffel, Ilse

  2. Mooie verslagen! Wij hebben tijdens onze (meer bescheiden) zeiltochten ooit HOB (hat over board) moeten oefenen. Dat was al een hele uitdaging! Geniet van jullie avontuur.

  3. Ilse dikke proficiat met je verjaardag !! Dikke zoen en ik volg je blog hoor… Amai wat een avontuur. Geniet er nog van xxxx grts Karine & Didier

    1. Bedankt Karine ! Lief dat je daaraan denkt :-). Wij genieten van het Nederlandse Bonaire tot maandag en dan varen we naar Curacao.
      Vele groetjes,
      Ilse en Stefan

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