Clifton, Union island

Friday October 2nd, we just came back from Happy Island and I think every friday should be spent at Happy Island…it takes just 2 cocktails , one rum punch and one pina colada to feel you can handle it all :-). We were to leave today to Tobago Cays but for some reason did not get away from the internet till too late so we decided to leave early tomorrow morning to go to Tobago Cays.

Happy Island, more pictures to follow

Thursday October 1st was spent by fixing the ice maker (Miko) – Stefan succeeded !!!!so now we can have our own cocktails! Bravo Stefan !!! I spent the day cleaning toilets, bathroom, living room….doing laundry with Marcella….and in the mean time making sure we have enough water and electricity. Life on a boat is not always romantic 🙁 We treated ourselves for dinner at the aquarium restaurant with pizza for myself and lambi (conch dish) for Stefan, and ofcourse a cocktail! When we came back at the boat we watched “The Americans” 2nd season, 2 episodes with a cup of tea….This really feels like vacation!

Wednesday September 30th, we sailed from Hillsborough back to Union Island but first checked out from Grenada paying 40ECDollars each and filling out the necassary papers with a friendly customs officer. When we arrived at Union Island we went back to the airport to check in and they found our filled in paper from two days ago, all wrinkled 🙂 in a drawer with other papers. We paid 70EC dollars and then went to customs to have our passports stamped. So we are legal!

Sanuk at Hillsborough on Carriacou Island
Stefan at Moringa restaurant eating lentil soup with porc for lunch at Hillssborough on Carriacou Island

4 thoughts on “Clifton, Union island

  1. Zalig om te kunnen doen waar je zin in hebt (behalve dan misschien toiletten schoonmaken) en gewoon de dag erop te vertrekken als dat zo beter uitkomt …

    Geniet van jullie cocktails!

  2. mmmm rum punch, dat kan je daar met liters drinken 🙂
    En zo wordt iedere dag een happy day, maar gaat er van dat zeilen niet veel in huis komen!

  3. Wat een heerlijk avontuur!
    Nog veel plezier toegewenst van een random StuBruluisteraar 🙂

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